Surveys, monitoring and remediations of contaminated environment

  • detailed geological survey of the environment, hydrogeological survey, atmogeochemical, geochemical and geophysical works
  • remediation of groundwater, geological environment and soil
  • remediation of contaminated sites and environmental burdens
  • landfills monitoring before / during / after remediation
  • risk assessments of contaminated area
  • evaluation of human health and environmental risks
  • pre-feasibility studies of remediation

Hydrogeological agenda

  • proposals for optimization of the use of groundwater resources
  • Balance of groundwater
  • implementation of mode measurements, hydrodynamic and tracing tests
  • preparation of hydrogeological studies and assessments
  • surface and groundwater sampling

Waste management

  • disposal of discarded drugs containing narcotics and psychotropic substances and drug precursors
  • collection of used portable batteries and their ecological disposal

Legislative and advisory activities

  • comprehensive work on environmental legislation
  • packaging and waste management
  • support during preparation for certification of quality and environmental management 
  • individual environmental consultancy
  • environmental and operational audits

Preparation of documentation in the field of nature and landscape protection

  • migration studies
  • species protection surveys
  • inventories and social assessments of habitats and trees

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