A team of geologists, hydrogeologists, biotechnologists and lawyers with an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to any environmental issue.

We provide a wide range of advisory and legislative services in the field of creation and application of environmental law.

We provide both complete or partial implementation of various projects in selected areas of the environmental agenda 

We perform detailed geological surveys of the environment, hydrogeological surveys, atmogeochemical, geochemical and geophysical works, remediation of contaminated sites and monitoring of geological environmental factors of landfills before / during / after remediation

We look for and create new and innovative methods of remediation of contaminated sites

We prepare the risk assessments of contaminated area (including evaluation of environmental and health risk and pre-feasibility studies of remediation)

We handle with the collection and transport of specific types of waste – drug waste

We operate collection points for used portable batteries and accumulators

The Centre of Environmental Services, Ltd. – Your partner for better environment