Centrum environmentálnych služieb, s.r.o.
Kutlíkova 17
852 50 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 2 6828 6451
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  • legislative activities
  • coordination activities and project activities
  • national expertise
  • specialist advice government institutions
  • specialist consultancy business
  • education and training
  • management of waste of various types and features

The beginnings of the companie's legislative activities extend since 2001, when there were a prepartions for a new comprehensive legislation in the field of waste management (Act no. 223/2001 on waste and its implementing regulations). Our company was also actively involved in those preparations of Law Act No. 543/2002 Col of Laws on the protection of nature and landscape (cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, co-authoring to the current law). We participated in several projects of legal advice to the Ministry of the Environment in drafting environmental legislation, which takes over the EU environmental acquis. The aim of these projects was to provide many consultations to seek factual and legal solutions and formulate texts of legislation and explanatory memorandum regarding the requirements for the transposition of EU legislation in the environmental field. In this regard, assistance focused on the activities of waste management and unions to create more legislation passed Law No. 223/2001 Z. z. Waste and its implementing regulations. In the legislative activities, it is necessary also to mention our experience in the processing of responses and comments on various draft laws, especially the amendment to Act No. 223/2001 Waste Act, Act No. 529/2002 Packaging Act, No. 543/2002 on Nature and Landscape Protection Act, Act No. 364/2004 Water and its implementing regulations.

Our previous design was focused on the coordination of Czech experts, the Belgian branch of law firm Milieu Ltd. for projects "Progress Monitoring Year 5 and Year 6." We actively participate in the winning projects for the Office of the Government "study of sustainable development Starý Smokovec 2005." We realize also whole-Slovak Framework project for the protection of waters under the new European Union directive on ground water, to implement measures and actions with minimal impact on the cost of the principal site (measures related to the resolution of old environmental burdens).

We have rich experiences in developing national expertise for several projects the European Commission for the implementation of European directives into national legislation for various environmental, human rights and freedoms of others. (list of national surveys)

The company provides specialized legal advice to private legal persons and natural persons - entrepreneurs, but also the towns and cities in the area of waste management, packaging, recycling, air, water, nature protection and land development, construction procedures and spatial planning, integrated permitting, chemical substances and biotechnology.

Our advice is also aiming to make mandatory payments, levies and penalties in the environmental field, and contributions to the recycling fund, local fees for municipal waste, charging for waste disposal at landfills, the penalties imposed, etc.. Extensive experience of assistance in regulatory frameworks, including support for innovation and design legislative amendments to ensure the implementation may also use public entities and governments.

In preparing the environmental education organization of specialized training programs for business, in particular, to deepen the level of knowledge of the legal environment towards more efficient recovery of investment and preventing damage.

If required, we know how to promptly provide whole material flow of waste originated from sale and storage of medicines. The flow involves a place of origin (distributive storage house), transport of a dangerous cargo in compliance with the ADR agreement (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods) and waste recovery or disposal in a facility authorized for this activity. Common part is also a related administrative activity, which among other things includes recording and reporting duties.