Centrum environmentálnych služieb, s.r.o.
Kutlíkova 17
852 50 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 2 6828 6451
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  • waste management
  • packing management
  • protection of nature, land, and  forest
  • protection of water, and water management
  • old environmental cargos
  • prevention and rehabilitation of environmental damages
  • operating environmental audits
  • awareness activities and training in the field of environment
  • support for the preparation of certificates for quality and environmental governance
  • development activities in the land-locked areas
  • access to information
  • comprehensive legislative action

Our services are provided mainly in the form of training, material and legal advice, assessment of compliance of legal client’s requirements, the analytical activities in assessing the compliance of legislation (the level of transposition of EU law), the processing of professional studies and analysis, a comprehensive implementation of the legislative work relating to legal regulations and its accompanying documentation, partial or complete security project solutions in selected areas of the environment.

Within providing of services linked with a specific waste types management we execute or eventually manage all necessary activities connected with the waste management, including compulsory administration and communication with authorities.

Our flexible company is ready to meet the demanding requirements of clients in the environmental field.